People Treads


Protect Your Family & Friends from Slips with People Treads™

People Treads™ are a self-adhering non-slip solution for home and office.

Have a beautiful hardwood that you’re afraid of slipping on? Fine tile work to show off? Don’t want to cover it up or create a tripping hazard with a rug? Stairs or a landing you would like some extra protection on?

People Treads™ are made with these situations in mind. People Treads™ are translucent so the natural beauty of your flooring can show through. Made with a soft vinyl, People Treads™ give the perfect amount of grip while still being gentle on bare feet or animal paws.


Practically Invisible
Easy to clean
Easy on feet and paws
Resilient.  Long lasting in heavy foot or paw traffic
Mop friendly
No fasteners required
NFSI – National Floor Safety Institute certified for “High Traction”

6″ Long
24″ Wide

Made in the USA
Not just for humans. Perfect for pets!

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