Bath Safety

The Importance of Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

For anyone looking to make their home or business safer by preventing slip and fall accidents, Handi-Treads are the perfect solution.  Slip, trip, and fall injuries cause 24,600 people to visit the emergency room daily, and is also the cause of death for an adult every 19 minutes. Slips, trips, and falls are PREVENTABLE, with falls being the leading cause of preventable death in those over 65. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in a house and by installing Handi-Treads in the home, homeowners can prevent hospital stays and traumatic injuries that are the result of trips, slips, and falls. 

What are Handi-Treads Bath and Shower Line, and Why Should I Buy Them?

Handi-Treads Bath and Shower mat and strips are a soft rubberized adhesive vinyl specifically designed with water in mind. Bath and Shower mat and strip are made with a water resistant adhesive that will hold strong in standing water and are specially treated to avoid mold and mildew. Unlike traditional bath mats that use suction cups and are slightly raised, Handi Treads Bath and Shower products fully adhere to the surface and further reduce slips, trips and falls associated with traditional mats coming loose or folding over on themselves. The rubberized finish is extremely comfortable on bare feet unlike the plastic finish found in some other adhesive non-slip bath and shower lines.

User-Friendly Installation

To install bath and shower strips, all a customer needs is to clean the bottom of the bath or shower with a high quality cleaner and degreaser to remove and soap residue or oils, dry the surface completely, peel and stick the strips in place ensuring there are no bubbles where water can be trapped. Bath and Shower mats come with a convenient drain hole cutout to save time on installation. Simply clean the tub or shower well, dry completely, line up the drain hole and cut any excess mat with scissors. Starting at one end, peel back about an inch of the paper liner, align the mat, and press into place, continue peeling back the paper and pressing the mat into place being careful to avoid air bubbles. 

Customer Benefits 

Handi-Treads Bath and Shower products outlast traditional mats that become slick or brittle with age. They are much easier to clean and since water does not get trapped under them, they do not harbor mold, mildew, or harmful bacteria.

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